AHEPPP Mentorship Program

If you've previously been involved with AHEPPP, you know community is the defining feature of our association. The mentor-matching program is a specialized resource meant to enhance your membership experience by providing personal and professional support. We invite you to participate in this initiative as an added dimension to your professional development within the association and beyond!


This mentorship program is a one-year commitment, beginning annually in October, just prior to the National Conference. Take advantage of this opportunity in the manner that best meets your needs. 

As a mentor you...

  • Have at least 5 years of experience in the field of Parent/Family relations
  • Make monthly contact with your mentee. This can be in the form of phone calls, email, or other outreach
  • Share articles, books, and other publications that may be of interest for your mentee
  • Share relevant resources and conferences that may be of interest
  • Meet at the 2017 AHEPPP National Conference (if applicable)

As a mentee you...

  • Are open to learning and exploring new ideas
  • Take initiative to develop a professional relationship with your mentee
  • Ask questions, engage and take ownership of your professional development 

In this flexible program, you will be provided monthly discussion themes to use as a starting point for your conversations or or you may discover other topics of interest to your mentor pairing. AHEPPP creates the match; you develop the relationship and structure of your work together.

2017-2018 Mentor Discussion Themes


First Year Pairing Themes

Second Year Pairing Themes


Applications due September 15

Growing your AHEPPP involvement


Introductions: backgrounds, goals/outcomes of participation

Establishing/Resetting goals for year 2


AHEPPP Conference Preparation: what to know, planning your trip.

Plan to meet at the conference

AHEPPP Conference Participation: Plan to meet up at the conference 


Goal-setting for 2017: evaluating and/or sharing personal/professional goals

Review goals from the year prior, and discuss what was accomplished, and what needs to be omitted or added. Do these need to be incorporated into your second year goals?


Taking Advantage of Professional Development Opportunities


Navigating Campus Relationships and Partnerships


Trends in Parent/Family Programs (best practices, innovations, research)


Goal Assessment


Balance/Time Management/Stress Management


Summer Programming 


Wrapping up the Experience: evaluating goals of participation

Please click here for the 2017-2018 application. 

Pairings will be announced in late October in time for you to make plans to connect in Dallas. 

If you have questions about the mentorship program, please contact Kesha Williams at kwilliams27@niu.edu or Lindsay McKinney at lindsay@aheppp.org