Regional Event Co-Sponsorship Request


The AHEPPP Board of Directors welcomes proposals for co-sponsorship of regional professional development opportunities and events sponsored by AHEPPP member institutions.

Request Process

The Board of Directors will review requests for funding on a monthly basis until yearly-allocated funds have been exhausted. Only one request will be accepted for a given event or program. Requests should be submitted electronically to AHEPPP staff no later than six-weeks prior to the initiative. 

Each request should include the following: 

  • Brief description of the proposed initiative including: purpose, audience, scope, and expected outcomes
  • Description of the degree to which information will be shared more broadly with AHEPPP membership
  • The projected number of attendees at the event (please list institutions invited)
  • Full budget for the initiative including all sources of potential funding
  • Amount requested (up to $500)
  • Proposed use of AHEPPP funds
  • Primary contact person’s name, email, and phone

Selection Process

The Board of Directors will determine the amount that will be made available annually for funding requests.

Requests will be evaluated by the Board of Directors using the following criteria: 

  • Quality and content of the overall proposal, including response to current issues and practice
  • Potential for serving AHEPPP members
  • Projected budget

If Approved

Recipients must commit to the following:

  • Acknowledge and promote AHEPPP at event (AHEPPP will provide materials and talking points)
  • Use the AHEPPP logo and name on any print materials or promotions of event
  • Provide the Board of Directors a complete summary of the event/program upon completion
  • Provide the Board of Directors with a detailed account of how the funds were expended
  • Provide the Board of Directors with names and contact information of attendees
  • Return funds if the initiative is not executed or any excess funds

Applications and subsequent communication should be directed to:

Lindsay McKinney
Executive Director 
[email protected]