2015 AHEPPP Educational Programs 

Shaping Parent Boards to Inspire Meaningful Initiatives within Your Institutions
Parent board take on different shapes and purposes at each institution, and it is important to learn more about the different ways parents can be engaged and can give back on a college campus. Whether it is fundraising, being actively involved in campus initiatives or a mixture of both, parents are key constituents in higher education. This presentation is appropriate for all parent and family professionals, particularly those who are interested in starting a parent board or who have a parent board and are looking for ways to rejuvenate what they currently are doing.        
Paige Kegley, Associate Director of New Student and Family Programs, Clemson University       
Penny Helms White, Director of Parent and Alumni Relations and Interim Director of New Student and Family Programs, Virginia Tech
Katie Hambrick, Coordinator of Parents Programs, University of South Carolina
Melissa Gentry, Director of Communication and Events for Student Life, University of South Carolina

#FREDDYGRAY and Towson Family Network: Crisis Communication to Families 
This presentation highlights how the Towson Family Network, the Division of Student Affairs, and the University Communications and Media Relations office worked together to provide up to date information to families on incidents in Baltimore and on campus and to alleviate concerns about the safety of all Towson Tigers.
Sylvester Gaskin, Assistant Director, New Student Programs, Towson University        

Incorporating Appreciative Advising into Parent Programs to Maximize Relationships*
The Parent and Family Association at Kennesaw State University has found that an appreciative advising framework, often utilized for student-adviser interactions, is very supportive when interacting individually with parents as well as when structuring parents programs.  The presenters will demonstrate the application of the appreciative advising framework utilizing examples from KSU’s current parent and family orientation program.
Sharon Brownlow, Director, Parent and Family Programs, Kennesaw State University         
Kathryn Wilhite, Coordinator, Parent and Family Programs, Kennesaw State University
Diana Barrett, NODA Intern for Kennesaw State, Summer 2015, Ohio University

The Benefits and Challenges of Dues-based Memberships: Perspectives from Three Universities*
One of the challenges in having a dues-based parents/family association is generating the initial buy-in from parents and family members of our college students. In this presentation, the presenters will discuss how three public institutions are recruiting and retaining members into their dues-based parents and family associations.              
Nicki Jenkins, Assistant Director for New Student & Family Programs, University of Kentucky
Nancy Stephens, Assistant Director for New Student & Family Programs, University of Kentucky 
Heather Levesque, Director of New Student & Family Programs, East Tennessee State University
Celeste Waugh, Coordinator of Family Engagement, University of Tennessee-Knoxville  

Innovative Sexual Assault Prevention Programming for Students and Parents  
In May 2015, AHEPPP conducted a survey of its members seeking to learn what programs and services exist or are planned in order to educate both students and their families about sexual assault prevention. Our aim is to present the results of the survey and establish the best practices in sexual assault prevention.
Branka Kristic, Director, Parent and Family Programs, Hofstra University
Patti Lux-Weber, Assistant Director, Parent Relations and Special Events, Campus and Visitor Relations, University of Wisconsin

Can You Hear Me Now? Boosting First-Year Parent/Family Connection 
We will share how we implemented and have assessed the effectiveness of our parent communications including our Parent and Family Helpline and Parent and Family Blog and E-Newsletter, which has over 12,000 readers in just two years.  We will walk you through the exciting Beyond Orientation 1-credit online course we created for families of first-year students and how it has impacted the involvement of over 200 participating parents this year. 
Lynanne Yndestad, Director of New Student and Family Programs, Virginia Commonwealth University  

Parent Speak: Training Student Leaders to Support Parents and Families
The presentation will showcase the training created at Gonzaga University to demonstrate the process of preparing student leaders to support families during orientations, family weekends or any events in which parents and family members are on campus.  We will demonstrate how to create an effective, customizable training model for student leaders at any institution through the use of Google forms, assessment tools, Strengths Quest, case studies, role play and storytelling.
Amy Swank, Director Parent Family Relations, Gonzaga University        
Naseeb Bhangal, Loyola University Chicago, Graduate Student
Shelby Wells, Gonzaga University, Undergraduate Student

Leveraging Data to Show How Family Involvement Impacts Retention
This session will share the national data from the Noel-Levitz Parent Satisfaction Inventory. The data reflects on parent priorities and satisfaction levels on the student experience, the types of communication efforts and parent programming institutions are implementing and a campus example of how working with parents from the prospective student stage through graduation can have a positive influence on student retention.
Sarah Schupp, CEO UniversityParent  
Kerri Fowler, Assistant Director, Parents & Families Services, North Carolina State University

Collaborate, Connect and Celebrate! Using a Team Approach to Serve Families
Many parent and family programs have small staffs. With only one full-time and two part-time staff members, this presentation will share a Parent and Family Relations Team model used at a large public university. The team of 15-20 professional staff from various university departments executes events and serves parents year-round.
Jennifer T. Wood, Assistant Director Parent and Family Relations, Texas State University

Parent Listservs: Connections or Chaos?
How do we involve parents in their student’s college experience while simultaneously distancing them? At this session, we will share our insights about managing an active parent listserv. We will discuss the pros and cons of creating a listserv and highlight areas for your university to consider including campus partners, legal implications, personnel and marketing. This presentation will help attendees prepare for the challenges of this innovative use of technology.
Mindy Miley, Assistant Vice President - Educational Programs & Services, College of Charleston New Student Programs
Stephanie Auwaerter, Director of New Student Programs, College of Charleston

Concerns of First Year Parents: What’s your response?
College students today are facing more challenges than ever before with higher academic expectations, dwindling financial resources and exposure to a new social climate. The parents of these students are also learning to navigate a new environment while hopefully providing the appropriate support for their son or daughter. This session will examine first year parental concerns and how to use the parent data to share transparent information and impact student success.       
Emily Parker, Assistant Dean of Students, The University of Tennessee     
Casey Renegar, Graduate Assistant for Family Engagement, The University of Tennessee     

Innovative Ways to Market Your Family Program 
In building a comprehensive families program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, marketing the program and opportunities for families to connect with the University and each other has been vital. We’ve developed an approach that maximizes visibility on-campus while attempting to make sure every family of a current UWM student is aware of the Panther Families program. We’ll share how we’ve done it in a multimedia presentation that will include videos, event photos, promotional materials, e-marketing, website redesign story, social media and branding.
Keri Duce, External Relations Manager, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee    
Kevin O'Connor, External Relations Coordinator, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee 

Text4Success: Strategies for Using Texting to Engage Students and Families        
Six billion text messages are sent every day in the United States, and 99% of texts are read! This session will explain how organizations can help students navigate the college process and succeed in college through engaging parents and families via text message. 
Brian Kathman, CEO, Signal Vine          

Communication During Crisis: What Families Want to Know            
As much as professionals and family members wish our campuses could exist in a bubble that is immune to crisis, this just is not the reality.  While we do not have control over how or when crisis occurs, we do have control over how we communicate with parents and family members. The presentation will include examples of different crisis situations that have taken place at universities over the past year and discuss the communication strategies used in each of these situations.
Arie Gee, Assistant Director, University of Florida     

Infusing Your Parent Program with Sincerity and Authenticity* 
Building positive and authentic relationships with parents and families on your campus has a powerful impact on the student and family transition to college, overall student success, and retention.  The strategies we share and discuss during this session will help make our parent/family programs stronger and more relevant to the families we serve.
Tasha M. Talton, Assistant Director, Student Transitions Programs, University of West Florida          
Shari Glaser, Director, Parent and Family Programs, Western Michigan University

Creating Opportunity for Parent Volunteer Engagement 
Cal Poly’s Parent Advisory Council consists of up to 24 members who stay actively engaged with the Cal Poly community throughout the entire academic year. Council members are ambassadors who provide insight and support to all families of Cal Poly students.  In our presentation, we will be discussing the functionality of the Parent Advisory Council, opportunities Parent and Family Programs gives them to engage with the Cal Poly community and additional ways we encourage parent and supporter volunteer engagement.
Anthonia Edgren, Parent and Family Programs Coordinator, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo              

Measuring the Impact of Parent Engagement on Student Success                 
Parent involvement continues to increase year after year. However, most Parent Programs struggle to justify the need for increased funding. The purpose of this program is to emphasize the increasing influence of parents and demonstrate the connection between parent engagement and student success.  The program will focus on the results of a national survey of over 6000 parents from a dozen institutions. 
Dave Becker, CEO and Founder, CampusESP        

Creating Connections with Parents Through an Innovative First-Year Parent Seminar
Stronger relationships with parents and families assist colleges with recruitment efforts and help to address student retention.  This program seeks to provide participants with an innovative avenue to acclimate parents to university life and to engage them appropriately in their own and their student’s transition to new roles. Click here for sample syllabus. 
Niki W. Turley, Associate Dean of Students, Valdosta State University            
Vicki Nelson, Senior Lecturer in Communications, Curry College

Creating Space: How to Change the Way Universities Engage Parents
UCLA has created a program and volunteer opportunities that have dispelled stereotypes of engaged parents, and created a culture of parent volunteerism at UCLA.  This presentation provides attendee with methods and tools for implementation on any campus.  This presentation also aims to provide various tools (technological, programmatic and assessment) that may be utilized at institutions of any size and provide options for individuals at any stage of engagement with families.
Alexandra Price, Director, Parent & Family Programs, University of California, Los Angeles

Lose the Rock and a Chisel: Teaching Parents New Communication Methods
This presentation will share how a parent program office can use new technologies, including Guidebook and LinkedIn, to create connections with college parents.
Tess Gibson, Coordinator of Parent and Family Programs, Auburn University

Sibs and Kids: Shaping Tomorrow for Our Youngest Family Members      
We all know it is important to create connections with our parents to help with student success. It is also important to create connections with the entire family. When students go off to college, family members left at home may not understand what college is or what their sibling is doing there.  Sibling/relative/guest programming is also a way for younger students to get exposed to a day in the life of a college student and also get them excited to go to college themselves. We will discuss the importance of these programs.
Laci Weeden, Director, Parents Program, Georgia Institute of Technology                
Ryan Lovell, Senior Director of Parent and Family Relations, The Ohio State University

Designing Assessment for Continuous Improvement - It's Easier Than You Think             
This presentation will illustrate how to design an assessment program that meets parents’ needs and those of your institution. A parent/family program office, whether at a public or private institution (big, small or in between), may have many good ideas, but are they working?
Deanie Kepler, Ph.D., Director, Parent & Family Programs, Southern Methodist University                 
Chelsea Petree, Ph.D., Director, Parent and Family Program, Rochester Institute of Technology
Marjorie Savage, MBC, Research & Outreach, Department of Family Social Science, College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota Twin Cities 

Parent & Family Orientation Programming Update*
NODA, in partnership with AHEPPP, is committed to providing excellence in parent and family orientation programming.  During this presentation, representatives from NODA will share trends, resources and best practices learned from the NODA Conference.  Participants will hear from trend setting orientation programs and learn about how to effectively plan an orientation program that not only supports students, but family members as well; create relationships that will last throughout the collegiate experience; and how to determine effective outcomes for a Parent/Family Member Orientation. This session will be both interactive and roundtable discussion.
Caleb Cash, Coordinator-Campus Activities/Parent & Family Programs, University of Central Oklahoma                         

Ten for Ten Format:

Innovative Connections, Programs & Events for First Year Families
Dr. Glenn Gittings, Director Special Programs, University of Louisville                 
Jaime Patton, Assistant Dean of Students, Ohio University
Aleece Wagner, Parent Outreach Program Manager, Bucknell University

Starting and Sustaining a Successful Parent Association
Chris Hall Lynch, Director, Parent and Family Programs, Florida Atlantic University         
Darlene Geiger, Parent of an FAU graduate

Connecting With Families in Case of Student Death
Branka Kristic, Director, Parent and Family Programs, Hofstra University         
Donna Krivoski, Director of Parent Relations, Lafayette College, Easton, PA

Working with Parents of Students with Disabilities in Higher Education 
Marjorie Savage, Research & Outreach, University of Minnesota
Sean Roy Project Director, Transition & Workforce Partnerships, Pacer Center
Jodi Dworkin, Associate Professor - Family Social Science, University of Minnesota
Chelsea Petree, Director of Parent & Family Programs, Rochester Institute of Technology

A Bicycle Built for Two: Creating Connections with Your Families
Laci Weeden, Director, Parents Program, Georgia Institute of Technology                
Nancy Nguyen, Transition & Success Coordinator, San Jose State University

Earning Credibility: Intersections of Public Relations and Student Affairs
Julie Murphy, Assistant Dean for New Student and Family Programs, Marquette University  

The Tipping Point: Responding to Parents (and Self) during a Campus Crisis 
Brian L. Watkins, Director, Parent and Family Affairs, University of Maryland

Families and Facebook: Meeting Families Where They Are
Arie Gee, Assistant Director, University of Florida     

*Presentations are not available for download. Please contact the presenter for more information.