Board of Directors 

AHEPPP is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Board members serve for 3-year, renewable terms and represent the diversity of college and university programs, including members from public and private institutions, large and small institutions from different geographical regions. 


Amy Swank,
 Gonzaga University
[email protected]



Chelsea Petree, Rochester Institute of Technology
[email protected]



altConference Liaison 
Kerri Fowler, NC State University
[email protected]



Ryan Lovell, The Ohio State University
[email protected]

Board Member
Lindsey Bray, 
University of Memphis
[email protected]



Board Member
Alexandra Brown, University of California Los Angeles 
[email protected] 

Board Member
Maureen Hurley, 
Emerson College 
[email protected]



altBoard Member
Andrea Mitchen, University of Houston
[email protected]




Board Member
Tasha Talton, University of Texas Arlington
[email protected]




Lindsay McKinney, Executive Director
[email protected]

AHEPPP Board of Directors Emeritae

Sheila Hrdlicka*, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
Laura Stevens*, University of Denver 
Deanie Kepler*, Southern Methodist University 
Marjorie Savage*, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities 
Nancy Hardendorf*, Johnson & Wales University
Jennifer Bell*, North Carolina State University
Cindy Beaman*, Vincennes University 
Chad Barnhardt, Ohio University
Dawn Bruner, University of Rochester 
Colleen O’Connor Bench*, Syracuse University 
Kris Stewart*, Miami University 
Jackie MacKay, Providence College
Traci Royster, Appalachian State
Emily Parker, University of Tennessee
Jamie Patton, Cal Poly SLO
Nancy Stephens, University of Kentucky
Brian Watkins, University of Maryland
Laci Weeden, Georgia Tech
Kesha Williams, Johns Hopkins University
Shari Glaser, Western Michigan University
Branka Kristic, Hofstra University
Paige Kegley, Clemson University 

*Founding members of the group laid a foundation for the organization by reviewing the history of parent services nationally, dating back to the 1920s; developing guidelines for best practices in the field; and identifying benchmarks for parent and family services.


The board of directors abides by the outlined bylaws, most recently amended in April of 2020.

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