Associate Members

Our members count on many industry innovators and partners in their daily work of supporting families. We are grateful to our Associate Members for their support and services of family engagement, student success and AHEPPP: Family Engagement in Higher Education. 

CampusESP makes it easy to keep the most important influencers of your students informed - families. From impacting enrollment, to student success, to annual giving - CampusESP is your all-in-one parent engagement platform. CampusESP delivers a personalized experience for each and every parent, through web, mobile, and email. A fully configurable parent database allows you to collect the information you need easy-to-use analytics dashboards compare a variety of engagement metrics across different parent groups to help you evaluate the success of your initiatives. The best part? CampusESP can be set up in less than 2 weeks and requires no IT support.
For more than a decade, CollegiateParent has been a trusted provider of parent and family resources and content to U.S. four-year universities and colleges. We’re passionate about connecting parents with the resources they need to help their students navigate the college years and move on to independence. Our digital and print communications help welcome families and keep them informed year round — showcasing a commitment to family involvement in student success.
Full Measure enables you to guide your students through pivotal moments, turning them into opportunities for deeper, more meaningful engagement. Full Measure’s Campus Moving Experience makes it easy for students to schedule key appointments and move-in times, access relevant resources, and track next steps — all from their smartphones.
When parents and families build community with each other, you create a year-round support system for students and reduce your workload. Nearpeer for Families is an engagement platform that improves engagement, communication, and student success - while reducing parent anxiety, confusion, and calls. Plus, with Nearpeer you’ll more effectively engage families of first-generation and underserved students on important topics, such as key deadlines and financial aid. Nearpeer for Families integrates with Nearpeer for Students, which serves students nationwide to improve enrollment, persistence, and inclusion.

Student Playbook is a vital strategic partner for higher educational institutions that are committed to protecting and growing their most valuable asset: relationships. Our comprehensive suite of tools and programs span the entire student and employee lifecycle, helping colleges and universities successfully welcome and engage community members, celebrate achievements, and develop proud, engaged alumni. 
TorchStar Education makes gathering student and parent data easy. Our tools work to quickly shed light on your student and family experiences. We offer a focus on parents because we know from our research that their voice matters but is often overlooked. We help you integrate the data and insights into your case for change and design a practical roadmap for the future. Our clients gain an edge in recruitment, retention, and philanthropy. We support all of our projects with a one-stop approach to data analysis, project management, committee facilitation, change management, and communication planning.
For over 19 years, VZ has been creating the best online experience to empower students, families, alumni, and staff. We help simplify the journey with proven technology configured for your needs. Using a suite of tools such as online/in-person session management and guided enrollment/task lists, we further connect everyone with your institution. Please visit us to learn more.


Associate Members are dues paying members of AHEPPP. Information provided here as a service to our family engagement community but not necessarily indicative of association endorsement. We encourage university practitioners to form relationships and do their due diligence in a manner that best supports your campus' unique needs.  For information on Associate Member benefits, please click here.