AHEPPP Board of Directors Nomination Information

The Board of Directors of the Association of Higher Education Parent/Family Program Professionals encourages our members to consider nominating themselves or other AHEPPP members to the Board. Currently, there are no vacancies.

Responsibilities of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors regularly attend board meetings and conference calls; represent
AHEPPP at events, gatherings, and conferences; recruit AHEPPP members and solicit their involvement in the organization; contribute to the establishment of annual goals of the organization; serve on at least one committee and be willing to serve on other committees as requested; participate in the organization’s annual evaluation process and planning activities.

Term of Office and Meetings

Members of the Board of Directors serve one three-year term and may be elected to serve two consecutive terms.  Directors are expected to participate in monthly board conference calls, as well as in-person annual board meetings and/or national conferences. Member institutions are asked to provide travel expenses for an AHEPPP Director to attend required annual meetings. If the institution cannot provide all travel expenses, AHEPPP will provide assistance.


There are two ways to be nominated for the Board of Directors:

  • Self: Any current AHEPPP member willing to participate and to fulfill the obligations of board membership may self-nominate by completing the nomination form and returning the information by the deadline.
  • Peer: Any current AHEPPP member who feels a particular individual will enhance the quality of leadership on the board may nominate that person.  Members can do this by completing the nomination form themselves or by providing their candidate with the nomination form to complete. Please note: the nominee must be informed about the nomination and write his or her own personal statement; the nominator cannot write the personal statement.  Members who nominate are encouraged to write a recommendation letter for the nominee. The nominee must be a member of AHEPPP at the time of nomination. The nomination form and all supporting materials must be submitted by the deadline.


New board members are elected and appointed by the current Board of Directors.  The selection process

  • Is guided by evidence of leadership and a wide range of experiences; and a commitment to AHEPPP’s mission, vision and programs.
  • Is guided by AHEPPP’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Is governed by the AHEPPP Bylaws, which encourage balance across institutional type/size and geographic regions.

Nomination Form

You will be able to access the nomination form here once a vacancy on the Board occurs.