Guidelines for Article Preparation and Submission


The AHEPPP Journal seeks scholarly essays, research-based articles, essays, and reviews that address important issues related to parent/family services and that make an original contribution to the knowledge base about parent/family programs and services in higher education. The guiding editorial policy is that articles are research based and of high standard, while including practical information of interest to parent/family professionals.

Style Guidelines

All articles must follow American Psychological Association (APA) style. Manuscripts should be double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font. Articles should not exceed 6,000 words in length. Book reviews and program description submissions should be 500-750 words in length. Biased terminology should not be used.

Article Review Process

Articles are judged using a blind review process, each by at least two reviewers. Suggested formats include the following, but this list does not limit other considerations

  • Research Paper: Include information on theory and a review of available literature; explain design, sampling, and data gathering procedures; discuss appropriateness of the method for the question; describe the treatment and interpretation of data; consider the importance of results; discuss the practical and substantive implications of the research.
  • Best Practices Paper: Include a full description of the practice or program, the purpose or problem underlying the development of the practice or program, a full description, the uniqueness of the practice or program, the method for gathering assessment data, and implications for other colleges and universities.
  • Scholarly Essay: Consider the importance of the problem, thoroughness of coverage of relevant literature, and logical development of the essay.
  • Literature Review: Address the scope, coherence, and impartiality of literature cited and its suggestions for further scholarship; the development of meaningful insights for the practitioner; any implications for parent programs/services.
  • Book Reviews and Program Descriptions: Book reviews, program descriptions, and historical context of specific parent/family programs are also accepted; please contact the editors for advance approval and guidelines. Books being reviewed must be on a topic relevant to parent/family services. Program descriptions should highlight an innovative program related to parent/family services.

Evaluation of Submissions

Articles will be submitted to at least two reviewers. Each article, book review, or program description is evaluated on the paper’s form and content. Form includes writing style and readability, logical development, length, and relation of author’s objectives to those appropriate for the genre. Evaluation will consider originality of topic or approach, significance of the subject, and significance to the readers.

Reviewers will make one of four recommendations:

  • Accept. The article is worthy of publication in the AHEPPP Journal. The author will be notified.
  • Accept pending minor revisions. The article promises to be worthy of publication in the AHEPPP Journal. The author will be asked to make suggested revisions and resubmit the article.
  • Major revisions recommended. The subject of the article is worthy of publication, but revision is necessary. Reviewers comments and suggestions will be shared with the author, and the author will be asked to revise the article and resubmit it.
  • Reject. The article is not considered appropriate for publication in the AHEPPP Journal. The author will receive an explanation for the rejection, including comments from reviewers.

Final decisions on publication are made at the discretion of the editors, in consultation with reviewers. Authors will be required to assign copyright of their article to AHEPPP.

Disclaimer: Articles published do not necessarily reflect the policy of AHEPPP or views of members of the AHEPPP Board of Directors.

How to Submit

Contributions should be sent electronically to:

Marjorie Savage, University of Minnesota, [email protected]


Deanie Kepler, Southern Methodist University, [email protected]; phone 214-768-4797

A title page, abstract, and author(s) biography (40 words maximum) should be included with the manuscript. Please include manuscript title; name and title of author(s); and submitting author’s address, phone number, and e-mail address on the title page. A 150-word abstract on a separate sheet of paper should outline the central point of the article.

Articles must not have been published previously nor be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Any queries regarding submission format should be directed to the editors. Articles longer than 6,000 words may be returned to authors to be shortened.

Articles that report on original research should identify any sources of funding, sponsoring agency, institution, or organization; research methodology must be clearly explained.